neosome started as a CreaTech startup based in Scotland, formed as part of RGU’s accelerator programme, making use of 3d modelling, laser scanning, and immersive gaming software to provide unique experiences for people. The company changed focus in 2022 when Jo decided she wanted a platform to release co-founder Colin’s book, and neosome productions was born. In April 2023 neosome released their first book with a limited edition run of This Way Up by neosome co-founder Colin Hetherington. The team is now working on an audio play of the book and have other book releases planned in the future.

Some of the people behind neosome:

Jo co-founded neoSome in 2019 with her friend Colin Hetherington which started with the virtual oil rig. She has a varied background as a singer-songwriter, geologist and engineering educator. She has developed virtual worlds for education, and is passionate about using immersive technologies for learning and accessibility.

Award winning marketing professional Stuart joined in 2020, having worked with Jo on a number of projects for over 20 years. As well as working with neosome and with a local arts agency Stuart is also the owner and editor of Ethical Marketing News, the number one Ethical Marketing Resource on the web.

Colin developed our multi-user virtual oil rig in 2010/11, and developed a number of processes relating to OpenSim software. The rig model has been used to test immersive tech software due to its complexity. Colin has a background in art, photography and elearning technology. Colin died in 2021 but he still remains an integral part of neoSome.

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