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Ebook version of Paul Beardsley’s new release Strange Doorways.

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We pass them every day. The service hatch in the subway, the door in the doctor’s waiting room that nobody ever opens, the access door in the alleyway. We see them, but they rarely attract our notice. Why would they?  They’re just doors.

But sometimes we get curious. And sometimes, during sleepless nights, when our awareness is heightened and our reason is suspended, we know deep down what they are, and we know where they really lead.

Trapped in a loveless marriage, Philip Hamilton’s one consolation is his daughter Kirsty. When she inexplicably vanishes during a friend’s birthday party, he will do whatever it takes to find her. But he little suspects the ordeal ahead of him, or the beauty and the horror he will find beyond the strange doorways.

For his little princess, there can be no guarantee of a fairytale ending…

About the author:

Paul Beardsley was born in the early years of the Space Age. It was his impatience with waiting for a landing on Mars that got him into science fiction and fantasy, and his urge to be an author followed in quick succession. His first published story appeared in a collection alongside work by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. He has since written for the Doctor Who expanded universe. Strange Doorways is a standalone novel, but he hopes to make further forays into the Common Land. His hobbies are astronomy and listening to post punk and prog rock.

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